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Email clients?

today I have been looking around the internet to find the right email client to collect my emails from all of my email accounts that I have! So why do one have more than one email account, why do we need to have more than one account, are you as sick of all the spam that you get when you hand out a part of your signature like your email?

So currently I have 5 email accounts, and I have killed 3 accounts the last year due to spam. I am today using; Work email, Personal email (with my friends), Subscription email (hotmail), Yahoo email and Gmail.

The challenge is now to have one email client that allows me to have multiple roles and identities - like being a person my the problems of multiple personalities!!!

What are the options when it should be free, usable, stable, non commercials showing up here and there?

  1. $$$Microsoft? Outlook Express,
  2. Pegasus email
  3. Thunderbird
  4. Eudora
  5. Mutt

there is a compiled list found on the search on the internet for email clients; - but the most usable client and most easy to use with the best interface is still the Thunderbird. So again I will use Thunderbird and also make a donation for the program.

The family name "krogsbøll" is a taken family name, and it has it origin from FYN in Denmark, about 30 min car drive north of ODENSE. Here is a city called "krogsbølle"


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